Water routes on see, rivers and lakes form the natural basis of historical routes all around Finland. In the country of hundreds of thousands of lakes, the water routes in summer and ice roads in winter have formed the necessary lifeblood for both the internal and external transportation.

Therefore, both the traditional part of the European Heritage Congress program: public Scientific Council’s lectures and the Industrial and Engineering Heritage Excursion form this year an entity dedicated around maritime heritage.

The day starts with presentations of towers and lighthouses in Finland and eight other countries of Europe, extending the theme to navigational charts and coastal fortresses in Finland.

In the afternoon, we’ll concentrate on the Industrial and Engineering Heritage between Land and Sea. Finnish researchers will give presentations of the history of boat and shipbuilding in Finland. The very strong and special Marine Cluster in the Southwest of Finland including Marine Logistics will be presented with a view into future Marine Traffic.

At the later part of the day there will be a 3 hour excursion where the former shipbuilding areas and their transformation will be seen. The highlight of the trip will be a visit to one of the most modern leading shipyards in the world.

In the evening we explore the maritime museum of Turku, Forum Marinum.